New Global Goals launched to end poverty by 2030


 Fair Trade Towns International campaign launched in Bristol 2015

Fair Trade Towns International campaign launched in Bristol 2015

The 17 new global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been launched at the UN Summit in New York and Fair Trade Towns internationally can play their part in making them happen.

Multi-stakeholder partnerships are crucial in implementing the SDGs and Fair Trade Towns is an excellent example of a partnership between local authorities, businesses, retailers and caterers, community groups, schools, universities and faith groups all coming together to promote fair trade and trade justice.

Goal 12 aimed at promoting sustainable production and consumption is of particular relevance to Fair Trade Town activists and supporters. Sustainable production – from fair prices to proper labour conditions – makes a real difference for marginalised producers and workers around the world.

The “Bristol Resolution” launched at the International Fair Trade Towns conference in July 2015 provides an opportunity for political leaders to implement the SDGs through their support for fair trade. As Sergi Corbalán, FTAO Executive Director states: “We call on world governments to seize this opportunity of the implementation of the new goals to strengthen their cooperation with the Fair Trade movement at all levels.”

The Resolution has already been signed by Mayors in Bristol and Lancaster UK; Abra and Menjez, Lebanon; Pocos de Caldas, Brazil; Saarbrucken, Germany; Madrid, Spain and Media PA, USA. You can play your part in ensuring the SDGs become a reality by downloading the “Bristol Resolution” below and obtaining a pledge from your Mayor or other political leader in the next 12 months.

Download a version of the resolution to be signed here.

Download the full resolution text here

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