World Fair Trade Day 13th May 2017


Join "Be an Agent for Change" 2017, is the third and final year of the campaign by WFTO.

Human chains for Fair Trade and the planet

Be an Agent for Change’ is a call to action to join hand in hand in the fight against unfairness in the conventional trading practices, and to promote Fair Trade practices across the supply chain.

Human chains are the WFTDay 2017 celebration activities. It is proactive. It is one form of a direct response (out of many) to the call to action ‘Be an Agent for Change’. Human chains are a show of solidarity. Human nature is collective. We form families, clans, tribes, groups or associations because we find assurance in being in a group. People tend to empathize when they see other people form collectives for a cause. It’s called solidarity. Showing human chains from all over the world generates a feeling of solidarity, and this is one way to make other people become Agents for Change themselves.

Celebrate the World Fair Trade Day with thousands of producers, activists, and consumers - Be an Agent for Change share the pictures with your human chain by social media using hashtags: #FairTrade #FairTradeDay #AgentForChange.

WFTDay was initiated by WFTO members in 2001. Held annually each May, it is now one of our biggest calendar events and a chance for members, consumers, advocates and policy makers to come together and show their commitment to the 10 Principles of Fair Trade. WFTDay is traditionally marked with events and online campaigns that extend throughout the month of May.