Boa Esperança (Minas Gerais) is the third fair trade town in Brazil


After Poços de Caldas and Rio de Janeiro, Boa Esperança (Minas Gerais) is the third Brazilian city for fair trade. Boa Esperança has worked actively with the "Latin American Cities and Villages for Fair Trade" campaign, with the active participation of local fair trade producers, in this case, led by the Cooperativa Dos Costas.

“For our cooperative, it is an honor to be able to lead this process at the local level. It is increasingly important to rethink fair trade from our localities to better understand what it means to grow and market coffee and other products with solidarity and sustainability”, said Andre Reis, President of the Cooperativa Dos Costas. 

3. Día Internacional 2

Celebration of the International Fair Trade Day 2017


During the meeting on September 18, 2017, the Local Committee has verified that it has carried out all the activities necessary to meet all local criteria, established in 2015. However, local efforts will continue. The most difficult and interesting activities begin now that more and more people in Boa Esperança are discovering what fair trade is and the importance of building fair trade also at local and national level. 

1b. Café en la Alcaldia

Mayor Hideraldo Henrique Silva with members of the Local Committee. In the offices of the city hall people are already using fair trade coffee, from Dos Costas cooperative.


“All the support from the CLAC Advocacy Strategy in this process was fundamental. The regional campaign is having a lot of progress since it was created and here in Brazil several organizations may be interested in starting new local campaigns. We hope it”, said Paola Silva, Strengthening and Development Officer of CLAC in Brazil.

We congratulate the members of the local committee of Boa Esperança. From the Regional Coordination of the "Latin American Cities and Villages for Fair Trade" campaign, we recognize their efforts to convert Boa Esperança into one of more than 2000 fair trade towns at international level!

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