Research: The power analysis of the Fairtrade Towns campaign in the UK


Campaign spaces for sustainable development. A power analysis of the Fairtrade Town Campaign in the UK.
Research by Roberta Discetti, Dr Matthew Anderson and Adam Gardner, 20 Sep 2019

Power analysis is based on the “powercube” framework, developed by John Gaventa at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex (Gaventa, 2006). The powercube was originally designed to investigate actions in international development contexts. In their paper on the contribution of Fairtrade Towns to the SDGs, Discetti, Anderson and Gardner (2020) applied power analysis to a fair trade campaign. This proved to be a fruitful tool to explore how to scale up campaigns and address challenges connected to a mature movement. More insights on this can be found in the paper: Discetti, R., Anderson, M., & Gardner, A. (2019). Campaign spaces for sustainable development: a power analysis of the Fairtrade Town campaign in the UK. Food Chain.

Power analysis - outline and tools

Power analysis and Fairtrade - summary of the research