12th International Fair Trade Towns Conference in Madrid.

2018-10-19  2018-10-21

The International Fair Trade Towns conferences are the annual events gathering the enthusiasts of Fair Trade, activists, volunteers- grass root campaigners, local authorities representatives who take part in the Fair Trade Towns campaign in their communities. Since declaration of Garstang UK, the first FTT in 2001, the campaign has spread all around the world. On the beginning of  May 2018, there are 2053 Fair Tarde Towns in 34 countries on six continents.

We have a date in Madrid on the 19th, 20th and 21st of October 2018 to promote Fair Trade on a local and international scale. Now it’s your turn to get involved!

The 12th International Fair Trade Towns Conference -to be held in Madrid on October 19 till 21- is a space thought for knowledge and experiences exchange between public, social and business entities taking part in the International Fair Trade Towns Campaign. Lots of people from 100 towns across the world will be participating in this conference. Book the date! Free Registration!

See the conference website: http://encuentrociudadesporelcomerciojusto.org/en/