Power analysis that's based on the "powercube" framework, is a fruitful tool to explore how to scale up campaigns and address challenges connected to a mature movement.

Summary of a research by Roberta Discetti, Dr Matthew Anderson and Adam Gardner, 20 Sep 2019
Campaign spaces for sustainable development. A power analysis of the Fairtrade Town Campaign in the UK.

An action guide for established FTTs in the UK to support evolving your FTT campaign after the initial success of achieving Fairtrade status. 

Produced by the Fairtrade Foundation (UK) in 2013

A short film from the Fairtrade Foundation about the Fairtrade Town movement in the UK.

A report for the Fairtrade Foundation by Seeds for Change written in October 2009.

A 2006 Report by Elisa Elrond to explore the Fairtrade movement in the UK ahead of setting up a similar initiative in the USA.