Switzerland becomes part of the Fair Trade Town family


 Fair Trade Town first in Switzerland - Näfels, Glarus Nord.

Fair Trade Town first in Switzerland - Näfels, Glarus Nord.

The municipality of Glarus Nord declared as Switzerland's first Fair Trade Town in February 2016 making Switzerland the 27th country to join the International Fair Trade Towns family.

The municipality of Glarus Nord received the distinction as Switzerland’s first Fair Trade Town in February 2016. Thereby Swiss Fair Trade, the federation of all Swiss Fair Trade organizations, distinguishes the outstanding commitment of Glarus Nord to Fair Trade. Thanks to this first Fair Trade Town declaration Switzerland can finally join the International Fair Trade Towns family as the 27th country.

We congratulate all those that contributed to this success!

Glarus Nord is one of three municipalities of the canton of Glarus and incorporates the former municipalities of Bilten, Fitzbach, Mollis, Mühlehorn, Näfels, Niederrurnen, Oberurnen and Obstalden. Swiss Fair Trade was extremely pleased to honor the rather small community Glarus North as Switzerland’s first Fair Trade Town because it certainly deserved this title for its remarkable achievement.

Within only three months, the community managed to fulfill all five requirements that are necessary in order to obtain the distinction. Glarus North’s formula for success consisted in identifying where Fair Trade Products were already available in the local community on the one hand and then encouraging businesses to offer such products on the other hand. The reactions of the locals were consistently positive and the existing range of Fair Trade products was already admirable.

Today local residents, clients, visitors, employees, students, etc. can all profit from a diverse range of Fair Trade Products that includes coffee, tea, fruit juice, sugar, honey, chocolates, bananas, dried fruits, nuts and much more.

The case of Glarus North has proven that local businesses and the community can pull together in order to make a sustainable contribution in the fight against worldwide poverty. Declared as a Fair Trade Town Glarus North takes over a special role in the awareness raising process of the population in favor of the high importance of Fair Trade. Beyond doubt, Glarus North shows deep commitment to Fair Trade and has a share in development works.

Further communities – Zweisimmen will be awarded as the second Swiss Fair Trade Town on 16 April 2016 – others are already waiting in the wings to become a Fair Trade Town and that way follow the prime example of Glarus Nord.